Onions can cure many things|پیاز می تواند بسیاری از موارد را درمان کند

A Voice from Iran


Once upon a time,

There lived a poor boy with his mother. His mother was very sick, and she knew she would die soon. She gave her son the only thing she had, “a ring” and said: “I give this ring to you now that you are mature, so you could sell it and invest in something. My son, you should start making money and build a better life for yourself.”


The mother died. The son went to a bigger city, sold the ring for 100 coins and paid half of the money for a considerable load of onion and brought it into his village to sell it and make some profit.


Perchance no one in his town was interested in buying any onion, and he was terrified. He went to the headman of his village and told his story.


The clever headman said: “How much is the price of…

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