A Goliard in Ghent

Diary of an Aesthete

“Goliard – any of the wandering students and clerics in medieval England, France, and Germany, remembered for their satirical verses and poems in praise of drinking and debauchery.”

Okay, so whilst I enjoy the idea of being a wandering student poet, I generally do my best to avoid drunken debauchery… although it has this terrible habit of seeking me out… what can I say? Life’s not always so clean and easy. And I do love dancing on tables…

copyright Eva Vanhee 2014

Ghent, Belgium, is an extraordinarily beautiful city. Medieval architecture abounding, gently flowing canals gliding under the narrow streets, Gothic windows, antique doors, charming castles and palaces and churches making the whole place feel like a fairy-tale playground. I am in love with Ghent. Truly. It’s just the kind of place for an aesthete…

I was staying in Brussels for a while, with an old friend of mine, Eva, who…

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